Welcome to COPE

COPE provides HOPE to our neighbors who need temporary help to provide for their families when they are in crisis.

The Christian Outreach Program of Elkhorn (COPE) is a multi-denominational non-profit organization made up of eleven Christian churches in Western Douglas County.  Through our coalition of eleven member churches in the western Douglas County families are able to stay in their homes and keep food on table.  Our goals are to assist Individuals/families; regardless of religious, cultural or ethnic background that temporarily have needs greater than their resources.



Mandy finds help…

Mandy came through our doors at COPE desperate and concerned for the welfare of her family. As a young mother in her twenties she was in dire need of food and financial help.  Married with two young children, their family was struggling as her husband went back to school with the goal of making a better salary to help the family.  Mandy worked part time to help with the bills, but then she lost her job.  Like many families in our community they found themselves in a frightening situation with the loss of income and no savings.

When she came to COPE she found hope as we helped Mandy and her family with food, financial help, and some much needed support.  Now, Mandy’s husband has graduated and received a $7/hr. pay increase.  They no longer need our services, but you will often see her at COPE sorting clothes or volunteering to help people complete their resumes.  With the support of generous donors this family was able to get back on their feet and still stay in their home.  

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